Thursday, June 16, 2011

Up to Lately......

I have not posted in weeks! We have been beyond busy weekend activities.  We had a great Memorial Day weekend with some friends down in Pointe West in Galveston.  It's always a great time to rent a house, enjoy the pool, and feast for days! A few weeks ago we headed down to Fredericksburg to celebrate my sweet cousin Shelby's graduation...much fun! Then last weekend I had a great Junior League celebration lunch with my sweet friends from tea room slavery and on Saturday night we attended Erin and Cory's are some pics (all stolen I might add because I am on a severe lack of picture taking kick......)

Tea Room Ladies!  15 Shifts! Wohooo we are done! :)

Theta Family at Erin and Cory's wedding! Wohooo! :)

Wedding Vendor Spotlight: Weddings by Debbie

Last week I got the call that my dress was in.  Part of me was so excited as I have thought about my dress quite a bit for the past six months. takes six months for a wedding dress to come in.  I had planned to lose about 10 lbs before my wedding....nothing earth shattering but just a general "tightening up" as I call it. So, being between sizes on the dress...I opted to order the smaller one.  I am so glad I did...... Thanks to The Dukan Diet (I'll tell you more about it later) I had lost about 8lbs prior to my fitting.  The dress fits like a glove. Not only is this great for my ego...but also my pocketbook. For anyone who has purchased a wedding dress knows that alterations are almost always upwards of $500 so I was so happy that my dress really needs nothing...and thanks to the 4 inch Manolo Blahnik's...yes...I will be "Married in Manolo's" that I don't even need a hem either.  Such amazing luck!
I wanted to also mention how any girl shopping for a wedding dress in Houston should really consider Weddings by Debbie. Back in December when I was dress shopping I went to four places....Winnie Couture, Priscilla of Boston, and Impressions Salon in Highland Village.  See...I was the girl that would find "The One" with every dress she tried on......I have often joked through this wedding planning process that I was "born with a veil on my head".  Each and every dress was perfect and I loved the experience of dress shopping. The Winnie Couture dresses were fabulous but a little too much like evening gowns.  Priscilla of Boston had far and away the BEST customer service....but while I was there...I learned that I did not want a gown with lace...which pretty much eliminates everything they have.  Impressions was oh so fabulous and I had a great time trying on the Jenny Lee, Ramona Kaveza, and Monique gowns....but in the end didn't know if I could justify spending THAT much money on a dress.  Weddings by Debbie was oh so perfect! They have a HUGE selection, let you take pictures (not sharing....:)), and have dresses that range in all price ranges.  My only complaint is the post-process has been a bit difficult.  They have special days and times on well as rules for coming and trying on your dress. I am excited to add the bustle and have it steamed for my bridal portraits in a couple of months!  Details...not sharing.... :)