Monday, May 2, 2011

1814 Haverhill Drive

Welcome to 1814 Haverhill!  What a journey it has been getting here......Harrison and I looked at houses FOREVER! I joked with our realtor, Danelle Guilbeau of Boulevard Realty we must be her worst clients. Harrison and I knew that when we were married we would want to live within the loop in proximity to our jobs...Downtown for Harrison and Allen Parkway for me. We narrowed down neighborhoods like The Woodland Heights, West University, and North/South Hampton.  After the inital phase we knew we would have to broaden our horizons if we wanted more house for our money....Harrison's must haves were a two car garage, two bathrooms, and somewhat of a yard. I wanted the house in a neighborhood...not next to a townhome (or a crackhouse) and needed significant closet space.  This pretty much eliminated anything we could afford in those aforementioned neighborhoods. Our realtor mentioned Timbergrove one day and how gorgeous it was.  The selling point was that all of the houses were kept up, it was extremely close to I-10, 6-10 and the Shepherd corridor and was still inside the loop.  Once we found Haverhill....we knew this was the house for us.  A backyard pic.....
I'll reveal the inside as we continue to work on it over the next five months and as each room is COMPLETELY finished....we still have a long way to go! :)

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  1. omg jenny! I live literally a street away from you. lets get together soon and catch up.