Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another Vendor Spotlight: Bella Bridesmaids!

I am not sure about yall but one of the things I LOVE is amazing customer service.  I will tip 30% at a restaurant if they go above and beyond.  As an Advertising Account Executive I know how important personal interaction is first hand.  Which brings me to my next vendor spotlight...Bella Bridesmaids.  Sigh.  It is the best store ever. Hayley and Lindsay are so fabulous.  The store has a HUGE selection and a friend of mine put it best when she said it was the only place in town without a polyester section.  After doing quite a bit of internet research I knew that Lula Kate was the designer for my bridesmaids. I loved that she had such a wide variety of skirts, colors, fabrics and tops.  I am pretty sure I changed my mind at least five times on one of those things during the course of the planning.  I ended up picking five different styles (well, actually four....but none of them liked one of my choices) and let the five of them select which dress they liked best and which they felt flattered each of their styles.  They could select:

The Alex Dress

The Bridget Dress

The Meredith Dress

The Sophie Dress

The Christy Dress....my favorite! :)

I'll let you wait and see at the wedding which girl picked which one......After going back and forth on colors and looking at a ton of different shades of colors, I decided on a classic Navy Blue.  I think it will photograph well and provide a great backdrop for flowers of ANY color.  Which I am still changing my mind on daily.... :)

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