Monday, May 9, 2011

San Antonio Weekend!

What a fabulous weekend we had celebrating Harrison's birthday and heading to San Antonio for Matt and Amber's wedding!  We had a great weekend with yummy food and great company with friends.  I must blog about a little stop we made home.....

Yes...this place is what I like to refer to as Mecca. Hello, fabulous!  Even Harrison was a little excited as we pulled into the shopping center.

First Stop...Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, and Crate and Barrel.  If you have been to our house in Houston you know that we furnished it with mostly Pottery Barn stuff.  Harrison and I both love the look of traditional with a little modern edge.  We furnished our house in stages as to avoid having to spend a ton of money at once. We love the quality of PB and feel as though it will last a long time.  Currently we have a list of things left to purchase...nothing too big....a bed for our master bedroom, some rugs, a buffet for my china, etc.  Lately we have been eyeing this rug for our enormous bedroom.  (We have a very long shaped bedroom that we have divided into a sitting area and sleeping area.)
  Round Jute Rug, 6', Natural
We did not really want to pay the $150 for it but this was really what we liked best....We had talked about just biting the bullet and buying it.....

Oh we bought it all right...AT THE POTTERY BARN OUTLET!  For $35!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And we were able to find it in chocolate brown to go with our newly monogrammed Restoration Hardware bedding! :)
Monogram Italian Hotel Satin Stitch White Bedding | Italian Hotel Satin Stitch White | Restoration Hardware
I am so excited and the room is almost complete!  Unforunately, at Crate and Barrel we did not find the bed that we have been wanting...probably a good thing because we have no idea how we would have gotten it home.......
Here it is....

Fabulous, huh.....It's hard to tell in the picture but it has this great nail head trim.  I really love it! 

Another item to cross off our list....Our home stereo system!  One of the HUGE perks of our house was that it was already pre wired and set up with a completel home stereo system.  We have a huge surround sound set of Bose Speakers as well as speaker systems withing the ceiling in every room and out the pool as well. The previous owners left everything but the receiver system. The outlets in San Marcos had a Bose store and we were happy to pick up that last piece as well!  Now for the fun part of attempting to wire it together and blast the music!  One more thing off the list of stocking the house! 

Our next big item(s) are things for the walls.  If anyone has any ideas for art I would love to hear them! I don't want too many canvasses with pictures but some unique items like mirrors and decorative things as well.  I have a few project ideas that I will blog about soon. 

Finally, I am in huge need of silver frames.  ANYONE have any good ideas for those?  I am starting to collect them for our wedding pictures in five months......I think I want to do all silver for the display frames in the house and then do wood ones with mattes for the walls. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend Mother's Day! :) Have a great week!

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