Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wedding DIY Project: Drink Straws!

For those of you who know me, know that I am a huge fan of DIY.  I think it's because growing up my father always painted the house himself, refinished furniture himself, and landscaped the yard himself.  I think it's been passed down to me...and while Harrison and I did attempt to paint the house ourselves.....the help of a professional really came in handy. I knew from surfing the Internet and reading Style Me Pretty (aka..the most addicting wedding blog around) that there were several DIY projects that I wanted to tackle.  Hopefully I can share all of them on here one by one starting with The Custom Drink Straws!  :) A while back I came across these pictures from a wedding blog. 
I thought this idea was so cute!  Harrison and I have not yet decided if we are going to do Open Beer, Wine, and Champagne for our wedding or if we are going to do a full open bar.  We have decided on a Signature Cocktail, regardless of what we choose.  Now...I am keeping the details of the "Signature Cocktail" a secret...but you will need a STRAW to drink it.....

Tip...Buy the extra long ones!  You will learn (if you choose to make this project) that you want enough room for people's lips and for it to stick out of the drink so you can attach your cute flag......

Oh My Paper Source.  PURE HEAVEN.  I could spend all day in that store and still be inspired to do cute craft projects.  They have THE BEST cardstock and pretty papers to make cute little this.....

Now the finished product will stay a bit of a secret....but you get the idea.   You just cut cute little squares or triangles to wrap around the straw and can attach anything fun! I liked how in the picture above they used the initial of the last name...super fun. 
Hopefully the straws and the cocktail will be a hit at the reception....we are still trying to think of a name to call it...however Ulbik and Tucker don't really mesh too well when combinging with "Rita" or "Hito" or "Tini"...common cocktail enders.  Hopefully we won't serve a drink at our wedding called the "Tuckbick Tini" and something more inspirational will come to us.

We'll see. :)

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